5 important Signs to show she Does not love you’ Number one is Obvious “

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5 important Signs to show she Does not love you’ Number one is Obvious “

“It occurs to me that most of the times Guys keeps trying there best to get that particular Girl of there chance , but at the same time the Girl is not your Goal ,

In some occasion you come to found that human beings As different feelings ,Different choices ,Different plans and different ways ,which you can’t hardly Change ,you will See a cute guy walking up to a fine Girl , the next step is ……?
Baby Hi ,how are you doing ,at that moment. He feels he is fine Guy that in won her immediately not knowing that it is the feelings not the finest ….?

5 important Signs to show she Does not love you’ Number one is Obvious “

1. If a Girl doesn’t not have any feelings for a guy ” she will always Cook story’s for him not to see her : ” in some cases she will be pretending to love you whenever you came across her , on the way , she will always found story to tell you ,my phone got spoiled ,i wasn’t feeling too OK , I heard a bad mood , for you get her someone money at that moment you be came her Central bank “😂😂😂😂😂😂…….?

2 , She Will always Condemn your name in the front of his co-friends ” : many occasion it happens to somes of my friends , will always say that is passing is this and that all because she does not like her ”

3, Excuses “: there is no how you get her if she is given you a harmful excuse for her not to visit your home Apartment ” so many guys went through this. In a situation where by the only when she remembers you is when she entangle with allot of financial problem’s that when she will remember to call you ”

4, She will immediately block your line “:you will see some Guys Approach a Girl to extend they Went ahead to collect is contact from is friend or neighborhood, if she love you she don’t need to stress by given you is reachable contact ”

5, She wouldn’t like to Take the same way with you you “: this is one is funny ,you will see some Girls” if they don’t like you, may be you approach her on the way ,she will like to follow that spot again ,


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