AMAZING !!! There’s nothing special about getting married – Abena Moet

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Despite’s media Abena Moet real name Lordina Obeng almost a month into her marriage has made a shocking disclosure that has got people asking questions.

According to the broadcaster, there’s nothing special about marriage other than a husband ordering you up and around anyhow.

She holds that the way people are always ‘mad’ about marriage and how people are told to get married is just a fuss and there is nothing unique about it.

In the video circulating, Moet said; “Let me tell you, The way everyone makes a fuss about marriage. It’s nothing. There’s nothing special about marriage. It is only for a man to be sending you anyhow”

The wedding ceremony of popular loudmouth female social commentator Abena Moet came off on March 27, 2021.

The nuptial ceremony took place in Accra and it had people from all walks of life attending


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