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Download Music Mp3 :A-Q – “Distraction 2” (Vector Diss)

Chocolate City Good rapper – A-Q drops “Distraction 2” a diss track to hit Vector.
this Jam is getting more Listen as
A-Q Give us out a new Jam titled “ Distraction 2 “. As a wonderful friend of Vector before M.I Abaga. Sign him , he published some intersted fact about Vector that most of is fans aren’t aware of. Vector throw more light about M.I Abaga not helping his brother Jesse Jagz through on his ‘ Judas The Rat ‘ because he queitly know Jesse is better, well A-Q is out to bring leg Vector out too who also has a Good singers brother and sister he didn’t put on and monitored while their talent waiste off. He also through light about Viper’s shady act while they were together & his YSG un -appreciated deals and backbites. Download and share you thought below




  • Make just go hide em face if not, na sorry be em name. I’ve been a fan of A.Q but I never saw this coming. A.Q dusted VECTOR hands down

  • hahahah this guy na idiot no go think about your life if you depend on m. I your career go die all you said here man wack so m.i is lack of what to said so he sent you and you can’t deliver fool

  • AQ if you don’t know what to diss about, go and sit down…. vector’s is well known to me his sis vibrate & dotun are both living fine my broda

  • This A-Q You will be real fool shey u think M I will save your ass. mtchew you be real goat i swear no worry will go soon hear your shit but think first now incase M I disappoint you no come here with diss song again ooooo

  • Vector is a snake he has a broda dat is a dope rapper we don’t know? And he is busy shading king M dat is how sarkodie call him about jesse jagz.
    Las las vector na fraud our Jay Z wannabe

  • Well… AQ is strong lyrically, I don’t pity him when vector replies him. AQ is always ready to take shots… na bad guy.

  • What’s wrong is sounding like another person? Shyne sound alot more like b.i.g, and nobody think e was faking it

  • Please Who’s This A-Q Guy?? Why Should He Talk When Vector Is Talking??? Slaves Don’t Talk When Kings Are Talking… Opportunity Comes In A Lifetime, He’s Obviously Trying To Use This Diss As An Opportunity To Trend At Least For Once!! He Should Go And Sit Down Abeg… Alaye Joor Joor Joor

  • A.q u self try but vector is a beast, Mi,urself nd blaqbone, ha not enough for vector, meanwhile am sure vec wont come for small fish like urself,,, sorry who is a.q?

  • Dis track shouldn’t be titled distraction is should be titled attention, dont be deceived a.q is not a close friend of vec, he actually link up with vec bcos of fame nd he also betrayed vec by going to reminisce to diss vec after first distraction,

  • All those saying A_Q is seeking attention, then what’s vector really doing? Its same thing, coz i swear nobody knows vector outside nigeria and he descided to use M I’s name in order to trend, so u all accusing A_Q for wantin to trend by force should shut da fuck up.. Anyways dis song is fire!! Just lovin it…

  • Now the chairman is too busy to clean up is mess instead he has his boy A-Q to do that for him I think A-Q you forgotten that vector helped him to murder reminisce and instead of paying him back by shutting your mouth up instead is helping his chairman to fight is battle who’s the snake here now fuck MI and A-Q

  • This is just like every regular “who wanna be a rapper”. No style,no technique or something. YOU A GARBAGE AQ.

  • Naija rappers abeg ,you guys should try to put a stop to this shit ,diss here and there.who want to diss me? Abeg u guys to follow this indigenous rappers phyno and Olamide instead of dissing around.I strongly believe that after all this diss we will see dem in d same bar.

  • Well done AQ!!!!!!!
    cos Vec is just like PMB few more yrs he’s gone
    cos vector’s default settings is so loose now!!!!?

  • A.Q Lazzy Youth, na weed go be soon be ur next baseline,just go back full time church work,just an advice oh,ur goat don kip quiet u small 4 VECTOR nah

  • This is just like every regular “who wanna be a rapper”. No style,no technique or something. YOU A GARBAGE AQ.

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