ENT!! SEX TALK!! If A Lady Starts Crying During Sex, What Does It Mean? (Please Help)




Hi Guys, am really confused right now.
Sex is a very pleasurable thing between a man and woman, make I no even speak English sex dey sweet but I always have a second thought about this when a lady starts crying during sex.
So, this weekend, I was with one babe oo, and we started this sex thing and of course she
sabi well, as a OG in the game too, I put in my
I was surprised when this girl started crying
As a gentleman, I begin to pity her maybe it’s
pain or something so I decided to withdraw, as
I dey withdraw she kept pulling me back saying don’t stop with the crying tone.
To my surprise, as I kept going, she kept crying like a day old baby, what could this mean?
Guys, have you also experienced This Before?
If A Lady Starts Crying During Sex, What Does It Mean?
We really need to hear from you on this.

Please drop your comment below 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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