Shock! Just because of 15 Thousand Naira Enrollment Fees ,A Ghana boy Commits Suicide

Shock! Just because of 15 Thousand Naira Enrollment Fees ,A Ghana boy Commits Suicide

Little 15-years-old boy From Junior High School graduate in Ghana Confirmed by is Parentals Name ‘Isaac Arhin ‘ committed suicide after his parents take a personal decision to put him in some learning skills because i cannot Afford  money For Your High School Enrollment,

It was clearly Said that Isaac Arhin, well know by is nickname called Yaw, committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope in his room at Gomoa Asafo in the Agona
According to the Story Narrator Bryt FM, sister of Arhin remenber her late brother had an heat 20 in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and got admission at Kwahu Tafo in the Eastern Region.

His Father Sister According to her informed him that she is not she does not have such money for enroll him in SHS that he should learn a skill. That is what cause the whole thing leading to his unbelievable death.

“Yaw told me he got heat 20 and that, he know school at Kwahu Tafo but his is Father sister said to him to learn a skill instead of forwarding his education because she is not does not have the money For is Enrollment to move on ,on his education.

According to is Father Sister Said she told him, to hold For his Mother to returned From Travelled that the information about his School have gotten to her noticed i cant afford the senior Exam Payment because of my poor background , that is why i Actually suggested Skills For Him to Learn

that want make Yaw to leave the House since 6am this morning without my notice
so i ask people find out where he must have got to, After Complain and mouring about he is Hungery For Food ,he told me before that he is going to my sister place a place called Nsuaem.

On my Way Reaching Home Sight that his Door As locked to our Room so i called him called him No Response From him so i Suggested to pop through window with Asistance of is Neigbours i Shockily Found out that he hanged is himseif in a tied Rope

According to the community and police are going through thoroughful Investigation About his death

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