Video : Meet Popular Nigerian Prophetess, A Multidimensional Philanthropist, as she slashed million on less privileged in Nassarawa

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Renown Nigerian Prophetess Rose Rose Kelvin and h darling husband Bishop Dr. Nwafor Kelvin are n new to the news media when it comes to the a of Philanthropy.
As a matter of fact, this couple in previous year have bagged more Philanthropic awards and accolades than some state Governors and Senators in the 21st century Nigeria.
You’ll recall that Aproko Africa reported how thi same Prophetess Rose sold a 2020 luxurious S gifted her by an unknown politician just to feed poor, as she splashed over sixty million naira o

charity project by distributing over 5000 (25kg) bags of Rice and financial empowerment to the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Naira each give to Widows, aged people, and those with special cases and disabilities. This is a rare act of chari that got social media users talking for days.

However, in less than two week after that outreach, she is at it again, this time the firebra preacher stormed the popular masaka region of Nassarawa State, where she is said to have splashed millions of naira on the less privileged the area, it has become unequivocally clear to many from her regular and impactful charity outreaches, that her passion for humanity cann be gainsaid, it’s beyond ministry, it’s inbuilt and defualt

God Bless Prophetess Rose Kelvin of Unveiling t Veiled Ministry, Abuja.
Dr. Chigozie Nwachukwu reporting for Aproko Africa®.


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