Why i Leave Nigeria For two weeks Ago Buhari Wife Commented

Why i Leave Nigeria For two weeks Ago Buhari Wife Commented

The Nigeria President wife  Aisha condemed denied any face-show off between her and her husband.

 According to the investigation that the Nigeria’s President First wife condemed  the Rumoured  opionally said that there was a issue between her and Nigeria President Buhari and opinionally that the issue caused her lost present from Nigeria for an unknowed long period.

Reminded  that Aisha has Commented been travelled out of the  Country for about two months ago and her lost present  is a topic of Nigeria tooth pick Now happenings in the Presidency Office,

Her lost present  becomes real after she did not come alongside the President at some important  and functioning meeting up,
While  speaking on the issue why she left  said she was present lost to visit is children in the United Kingdom.

She make  this cleared  in an interview with the Official – government-owned National Television Authority (NTA), Just after she returned back to Abuja around  about 5 am today be sunday morning.

The first lady  also Lamented that she also went to visit her doctors while she was away she said,

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